The Butterfly Code (Girl On Fire Book 1)

| April 25, 2018



A forbidden transformation. A brilliant hope.

Aeris, a musical prodigy, is visiting her father’s small town when she finds herself the victim of a deadly accident. Now Aeris must place her trust in the much-feared, attractive young doctor who saved her life. Her miraculous recovery draws disturbing attention that sends Aeris on the run. She’s desperate to find clues about her developing powers, and to unravel her own shocking identity that’s been hidden from her until now. But the final key may prove to be the end for the love that’s beginning to blossom between Aeris and her dark, mysterious yet warmhearted savior…

“Warning!!! Seriously this book will take over your life once you start reading so plan ahead if possible, it is that engrossing.”
-Tonyalove, Amazon Reviewer ?????

“Easily one of my favorite reads this year! I was completely and utterly consumed!”
-Stacy, Amazon Reviewer ?????

“I’ll definitely be looking for more books by this author!”
-MD, Amazon Reviewer ?????

Over a million pages read. Because everyone wants to be consumed by a great book.



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