Star-Crossed Riders (Westerns, Western Romance, Western Fiction, Historical Romance, Western Historical … Historical Novels,Western Historical)

| April 25, 2018


Welcome to Coso County, California—A land where the majestic Sierra Nevada gives way to the unforgiving desert and western skyline. Once the lumber mill shuts down for the day and the ranchers round up their horses, men prepare for violence. The Civil War is over, but tensions in Coso are at an all-time high as the bitter rivalry between the Johnson and McLeod families teeters on the edge of bloodshed.
Wyatt Johnson is home again after years of fighting Indians with the US Cavalry. A chance run-in with a stranger leads Wyatt and company into enemy territory, where he meets the lovely señorita Violet and the pair will fall deeply in love. Only one problem threatens their romance: Violet is the daughter of Michael McLeod, the great enemy of Wyatt’s family.
Though Wyatt and Violet repudiate the hostility between their two families, not everyone is ready for peace and reconciliation. A single moment of indiscretion lands Wyatt in the sights of Thomas McLeod, Violet’s vengeful cousin. While the McLeod Boys plan a lethal ambush against Wyatt, the pair of star-crossed lovers prepares to take their destiny into their own hands and risk everything.

Tragedy strikes during a cattle drive to New Mexico, and Mattie learns in one violent encounter that the world contains perils particular to women.

Tags: western romance, romance


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