The Legacy of Rome

| September 20, 2013


The Legacy of Rome

This is the story of two men who did not change history, but a story that reflects the humanity of their times.
They are two thousand years apart, parallel lives that share similar needs and aspirations.
They came from different worlds, but they have the same human traits.
One of the two men was Marcus Livius Viridio born in Cisalpine Gaul in the year 33 A.D. he was a soldier of the 14th Legion, enlisted during the spring of 51 A.D.
He marched and bled for Rome in Britannia, Italia, Pannonia and Germania.
As a poor peasant boy, he enrolled in the legions as a way to improve his miserable life.
Unaware to him, his new career will affect somebody else life, many centuries in the future.
Two thousand years later, Paul Marchetti, travels from Italy to South Africa on an engineering project contract.
Once, back in Italy, the alluring beauty of the African continent and the wonderfully warm weather are too strong to be ignored, making him decide to return to Africa on a permanent basis.
Does history repeat itself in ways sometimes unexpected? Or somehow the past events influence the actions in the present?

Simple people conduct uncomplicated lives, but within their microcosm, they are involved in complex circumstances and life-changing situations.

Here, for you, are the lives of Marcus and Paul.


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