Hold Back the Wind

| April 26, 2018


  • What’s a doctor to do when the only way to save her patient is to take life-threatening paragliding lessons from an embittered ex-doc? And will the risk to life and limb be worth the effort?
   Pediatrician Vickie Marsh is determined to do everything in her power to save five-year-old Orlando Asala’s life before he is released from the hospital and sent back to the migrant camp where his parents are living in squalor. With kidney cancer, his fate will be sealed before he’s wheeled out the hospital door. Orlando’s only hope is an experimental treatment developed by Doctor Zachary Scott.

   One problem, Zack no longer works at the hospital, having quit his practice under bitter circumstances, and now teaches paragliding lessons. The only way Vickie can reach him is to sign up for a series of classes. While Vickie can certainly use a hobby to enliven her work-filled life, she has been warned that Zack has an axe to grind with the hospital and might not be willing to cooperate with her. Since Zack is her only hope, she forges ahead with a plan to convince the reluctant doctor to share his formula with her.
 In the meantime, there have been an increasing number of unexplained deaths on the pediatric unit. Is this only a temporary fluke, or is something malicious afoot at the hospital?
      Under pressure to spare one child’s life, and perhaps save others, Vickie soldiers on in the face of growing resistance from the hospital administration…and from Zack. Can Vickie convince Zack to work with her? Will she be able to save Orlando’s life?  And, in the process, will she discover the cause of the mysterious hospital deaths?
     To find out, read this spellbinding story of intrigue, romance and Big Wind.


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