Clockmaker: A Gothic Steampunk Novel

| April 27, 2018


The crew of the airship Sultana is destitute. No one knows this better than its captain, Melek, who’s almost desperate enough to sell her treasured family heirlooms to pay her crew’s wages. So when a gentleman wearing a golden mask offers a fortune to transport him and a mysterious cargo, Melek can’t bring herself to refuse, even when her instincts warn of trouble.

Now strange noises haunt her airship at night, and deadly warships stalk the Sultana through dark, stormy skies. Melek’s masked passenger refuses to explain anything, and Melek just wants to finish the job and take his money (though, secretly, she enjoys his company and their arguments). But he’s even more dangerous than she suspected, and she’ll have to unravel the dark intrigue he’s brought aboard her ship before it kills them all.

If you like gothic thrills and swashbuckling adventure, then you won’t want to miss this exciting steampunk novel. Download Clockmaker now and take to the skies!

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