The Awakening (The Fempiror Chronicles Book 1)

| April 27, 2018


A dormant power. An outcast warrior. An unwilling victim. An ancient order. After centuries of peace and solitude, the Fempiror are awakening.

Zechariah lived alone on the outskirts of a little town with his life behind him. He once believed this area held a secret he sought to uncover, but after years of silence, he had decided to live out his year quietly. Then, a scream rent the night air which caused all the old memories to come flooding back. Unable to find the source, he continued looking the following evening when a second scream sounded, and he discovered the ancient order he had been seeking had resurfaced by attacking people to bring them into their fold. He clashed swords with the attacker, and when the battle yielded no answers, he struck down his opponent and took the victim under his wing.

Zechariah learned the victim’s name was David, and he had just asked his beloved’s father for his daughter’s hand in marriage. Unfortunately, the attack had changed David from a human to another species called Fempiror, of which Zechariah was also a part. This meant that David could no longer return home to rejoin his family or his beloved but instead, had to remain with Zechariah as he traveled to the capital city of the Fempiror to inform the council of the threat their race was now going to face.

When the council refused to hear Zechariah’s pleas, he took it upon himself to assemble his own group of Fempiror who believed him to track down the rogue order and attempt to stop it before it started again. When they learned that their enemy had been hiding near David’s hometown, Zechariah’s group moved immediately to engage them. There, they discovered the old order had amassed a considerable army but had done so in the home of a third order of peaceful Fempiror called the Elewo who had grown weary of their unwanted guests and joined forces with Zechariah to get rid of their mutual enemy.

During the final battle, David decided to return home, and as he was warned, everything went wrong. Zechariah discovered David’s departure following the battle, and once in town, he stands against one of the leaders of the dark order in one to one combat knowing that no matter who wins, the world will never be the same.

The Awakening is the first book in The Fempiror Chronicles series. The second book will be released in November 2017. Visit and join the mailing list to keep up with new releases.

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