Home From The Sea

| April 28, 2018


In these pages you’ll find some glowing fog, some mad scientists, some tentacled things, booze, dreaming gods, cigarettes, some boats of various sizes, a bar or two, some stiff upper lips, a ghosthunter, a great detective and a multitude of universes, among other things.

Home from the Sea contains 14 tales of Lovecraftian Terror


Carnacki: The Island Of Doctor Munroe
The Terror that Came to Dounreay
The Tenants of Ladywell Manor
Carnacki: The Larkhall Barrow
The Invisible Menace
Sherlock Holmes: The Color that Came to Chiswick
Professor Challenger: Ripples in the Ether
The Doom that Came to Dunfield
Home From the Sea
From Between

Praise for William Meikle:

“One of the premier storytellers of our time.” – Famous Monsters of Filmland

“William Meikle is an entertaining writer with a knack for Lovecraftian fiction.” – Lovecraft eZine

“Willie Meikle has a gift for writing highly entertaining thrilling novels.” – Ginger Nuts of Horror


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