Tears of love

| April 29, 2018


The strange games of life, intrigues, corruption, lie and truth. Hatred and love play their own role, bringing the respective results that arise from different circumstances. Two sisters were so similar but so different. Both of them in love with the same man. The man was a handsome surgeon from the orthopedics department and director of his own private clinic. He was very successful and enjoyed great glory. He liked having lots of affairs, not caring about other people’s emotions. He only wanted to have fun and enjoy every time love with different beautiful women.The doctor lived in a nice big detached house. There were all kinds of flowers in the yard. There was a big pool and a nice tennis court. His parents were retired. His father was an assistant manager in a large multinational company. His mother was a great accountant. They could not have their own children, even though Ariadna had a surgery. The surgery did not change the situation and so they decided to adopt a child from an orphanage. He was raised like their own child. Konstantinos, even since he was a teenager, loved medicine. He used to watch various documentaries on medicine. His foster parents realised that they had raised a special and charismatic child. They let him make his dream come true and study medicine. On his birthday, they bought him a brand new private clinic. Konstantinos felt both gratitude and awe for this great gift. He knew they were his foster parents. That couple was honest with Konstantinos ever since they adopted him. They took such great care of him that Konstantinos adored them as if they were his biological parents. He never experienced maternal love from his real mother. Konstatinos did not have the curiosity to learn about his true origins. He felt lucky he was raised by those people. They gave him the love, affection and protection he needed so much. There was an emergency situation at the clinic. A girl had broken her right leg just down the knee. That afternoon, he met a very impressive girl. Her name was Xenia. She had a nice, well-shaped body, green eyes and curly hair. However, some people are different from what they look. Xenia belonged to this category. Xenia was a member of a gang and a drug dealer. She was kleptomaniac even though she was wealthy. The biggest and most dangerous gang in Athens had one purpose: to rob a store. They had organized their plan and had studied every single detail, wearing the appropriate clothing: a hood that covered the entire face and let only the eyes uncovered. They wore black clothes and black gloves so as not to leave fingerprints. Xenia was the gang’s leader. She had been planning this robbery for a year. She knew that this store had strict security measures. Hidden cameras were recording the moves of everyone passing in front of it. The security cameras were on even when the store was closed. Xenia decided to rob the store at noon. She knew that after the end of the day, the money was transferred to a bank by private policemen who were armed. Fifteen armed robbers entered the store. They ordered all the customers to bend on the floor or else they would shoot. Xenia approached the cashier. She gave him a large black garbage bag and told him to put the money in it, otherwise she would shoot him. She also warned him not to push the button alarm.The 20-year- old Grigoris was very brave. At first, he started putting the money in the black bag. When he saw that Xenia turned her head elsewhere, he pushed the button alarm and

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