Crush IT at College: A No Nonsense Guide To Succeeding At University Or College

| September 21, 2013


Crush IT at College: A No Nonsense Guide To Succeeding At University Or College

Your #1 Guide to College and University Success!

Your college success depends on getting trusted advice that’s backed up with years of experience with students. In less than 60 pages we give you superior tips on what you need to do to get great grades and keep your life manageable while in school. We know you need practical and to-the-point advice on how to succeed, how to make the right choices, and how to Crush IT.

This is wisdom from the trenches! An inexpensive yet indispensible no-nonsense guide for future and current college and university students.

What Students Have Told Us

Students have told us over and over that they are tired of not meeting the grade expectations of post-secondary study. In fact, universities, colleges, professors, administrators, parents, and students are all saying the same thing. Why are so many students struggling and what advice can be given to help students achieve academic success?

We decided to take that challenge head on and put our experience on paper. Our goal was to write something that anyone could read in one or two sittings and we wanted to put it in plain language. We are NOT recruiting you.

Here is a sampling of just some of the topics we cover:

    • Getting great grades


  • Studying well



  • Dropping courses



  • Managing homework



  • Managing colllege costs and staying out of debt



  • Writing a great paper



  • Wiping your grades



  • Productivity tips



  • Arming yourself with the right tools



We remember struggling to achieve success. And we both found the formula for success while we were in the thick of it.

This Is Wisdom From The Trenches

What can you expect from this book?

* Advice that you can apply to your studies.
* To be challenged. At times, our advice defies conventional wisdom because it is based on real experience and training, not rumor, conjecture, urban legend, or myth.
* Integrity. We have poured our years of experience into something we believe will be of value to you.


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