The Cost of Business: A Dragonfire Station Short Story

| May 2, 2018


Not all good guys finish last.

Cabot Layne has unintentionally become the owner of someone else’s problem. In order to get free of it, he’ll need to use every bit of his trader cunning. If he does it just right, he might stay out of prison. With a little luck, he’ll even manage to turn a profit.

Dragonfire Station is all about highly developed characters who feel like real people you know. In a nutshell, it’s about kick-ass, flawed people who are doing their best to overcome the challenges thrown their way. 

Sometimes you have to break the rules to do the right thing.

Fans of Firefly and Guardians of the Galaxy will love this sci-fi series, full of rogues, mercenaries, and adventure.

Books in the Dragonfire Station universe in written order:

Each series stands alone, and need not be read in written order.

Dragonfire Station Book 1: Translucid
Dragonfire Station Book 2: Fragments
Dragonfire Station Book 3: Coalescence
(series complete)

Intersections: Dragonfire Station Short Stories

Mercenary Warfare Book 1: Selling Out
Mercenary Warfare Book 2: Blood Money
Mercenary Warfare Book 3: Hell to Pay
Mercenary Warfare Book 4: Calculated Risk
Mercenary Warfare Book 5: Going for Broke
(series complete)

Chains of Command Book 1: New Blood
Chains of Command Book 2: Blood and Bone
Chains of Command Book 3: Cut to the Bone
Chains of Command Book 4: Out for Blood


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