MORE (The MORE Trilogy Book 1)

| May 3, 2018


They’re gifted. They’re powerful. And they’re after her.

Ava Michaels isn’t sure what’s real anymore. She’s haunted by terrifying nightmares of a huge, hulking man with mismatched eyes. But then that same man shows up on her doorstep and tries to abduct her – and her mild-mannered physics tutor, Caleb Foster, appears out of nowhere to come to her defense.

And she has no idea why.

On the run for her life, Ava discovers a secret, ancient race with amazing gifts and abilities. But they see her as a threat, and now her life is on the line. She can’t hide forever, and must find a way to survive – with or without Caleb’s help.

Along the way, Ava learns she’s not really normal. In fact, she’s not simply human.

She’s a little bit MORE.

MORE is the first book in a complete, action-packed trilogy. If you like heart-stopping adventure, awesome supernatural abilities, kick-butt heroines, and a touch of romance, then you’ll stay up all night flipping the pages of T.M. Franklin’s MORE Trilogy.

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