Awaken (New Bloods Book 1)

| May 3, 2018


The world is broken. Tara is alone. But within her a power grows.

The Shift destroyed the world. All that remains is the harsh and unforgiving sand lands. Food is scarce; water even more so.

And Tara has just discovered that she’s been lied to her entire life.

The world as she knows it does not exist. She is not the ordinary girl she thought herself to be. Instead, she is one of a unique breed known as New Bloods – revered by some, hunted by others.

Tara is no stranger to hardship. But when her village is destroyed and the young people taken by the merciless Prezedant, she must quickly learn how much of a fighter she can become.

Gathering a ragtag fellowship on her way, she embarks on a quest into the unknown to find what remains of her kin.

Little does she realize how dangerous it will be.

Or how it will change her–and the world–forever.

Awaken is the first book in the young adult dystopian New Bloods series. With riveting characters, rich world-building and an intriguing story, this book by Michelle Bryan will leave you wanting more.

Pick up Awaken to begin this page-turner today.

Praise for Awaken

“If Borderlands and the Fallout world had a YA baby, this book would be it. The raiders, the muties, the crazy banter–I felt at home with the insaneness of it all!”–C.W.

“Prepare to be taken on a dangerous journey of self discovery, the search for answers, and the awakening of a new power. Awaken gives us a ‘Wizard of Oz’ like story with the introduction of a character as strong and as symbolic as the ‘Mockingjay.’ You will be inspired and impressed by our heroine Tara. Your heart will melt for the lovable Finn. You will feel wonder and suspicion toward Tater, and will fall in love with Jax.”–A.M.

“Blew my mind! The Characters were very well written! I couldn’t have asked for a better plot either! This story was amazing!!! Loved it from start to finish! It’s one of those books that make you want to reread just so your mind can be blown again!”–Kristina


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