Sand and Storm (Legendary Magic Book 1)

| May 3, 2018


When junior mage Faryn is offered an internship with Professor Shaun Valerian—famous for edgy magic and breaking hearts—she can’t afford to say no, even at the expense of her own archaeological dig. But when they join an expedition in the middle of the enchanted Caladoner desert, Shaun reveals he’s up to far more than excavating dragon sarcophagi. Growing high above the sands is a storm so massive it could destroy the planet’s magical balance. There’s just one chance to stop the cataclysm—a lost super weapon, long buried in a forgotten temple. A temple that Faryn must rob.

Faryn’s cousin Cora has also been drafted into the temple expedition. Newly married to a man she barely knows, Cora is more interested in kindling romance than in digging up artifacts. But as the desert’s strange enchantment infiltrates the magical bond that ties her to her husband, Cora begins to burn with a power that’s been forbidden for centuries. It could kill her—but it may be the only way to unlock the legendary weapon.

As the storm clouds darken, Faryn and Cora will have to choose: between safety and sacrifice, between duty and love, between old dreams and a new magic that will change the world—if the world can survive it.


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