| May 4, 2018


Goodnight Monster Jim

Is your toddler in need of a positive bedtime story to immerse in a good night sleep?
Are you on the lookout for a positive children´s book that will relax, entertain and educate your kid when night comes?
Positive, funny, colorful and with eye-catching printing,Goodnight Monster Jim will take your little angel to a fascinating travel to the world of dreams.

A Whole World Of Dreams Opens Up!

Follow together the adventures of naughty Monster Jim in his quest for happiness, through a motivational kids’ book that teaches, inspires and guides through example!
The quality printing and the eye-catching, imaginative pictures make this positive book a must-read for toddlers and young boys and girls and an excellent gift choice.
It is a short and easy-to-read inspirational book for kids that will teach your little adventurer perseverance, discipline and confidence to pursue their dreams.

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