How to be Happy and at Peace

| May 21, 2018


How Do You Search for Happiness?

Do you feel there is something you need in order to be happy but that it’s always just out of your reach? Do you move from job to job and relationship to relationship always feeling unsatisfied, yet still convinced that this type of change will solve all your problems? Are you looking for a new approach? If so, I think this book may be exactly what you are looking for.

How Does Happiness Really Work?

Happiness is something we all desire but very few study and train for it directly. We are often convinced that our accomplishments will make us happy so we devote all our energy towards achieving them. We don’t take the time to look at happiness and suffering directly. How does happiness and suffering really work? Why are some people happy in unfortunate circumstances and others unhappy in fortunate ones? Could it be that happiness has more to do with the person than the circumstances? What is it about some people that allows them to be so happy?

This book answers these questions and more by describing:

  • How we lost the natural happiness of our childhood and how we can get it back
  • How we can use our mental suffering to pin-point the false beliefs that cause us unhappiness
  • How a correct self-image can liberate our natural happiness within
  • How a clear, positive mental state can see through objections to happiness
  • How practical exercises can be used to effectively deal with depression and anxiety

Ancient Wisdom in a Modern Message

The methods presented in this book are not untested theories. They are practical, tried and true gems the author has collected and developed after years of searching and struggling with depression and anxiety. He has surveyed the vast self-help / religious landscape and combined its wisdom with his own insights to form a concise modern message that can speak to everyone and provide a path to peace and happiness.

True Happiness

After reading this book, you will hopefully no longer see “true happiness comes from within” as a catchy slogan but as a profound, ancient, and life-changing truth.

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