The Find – Max and the Dream Time Book One

| May 5, 2018


The Find
Book One of Max and the Dream Time

A Short Story

Excluding a shock of flaming red hair, Max is a mediocre teenager in every way possible. Max’s docile tendencies provide ample ammunition for Max’s three friends, Mark, Randall, and Jamie to torment Max.

I told you Mark, I pulled it from the cold water and it was warm.

Another rock, Max? What do you think it is, Max? Quartz?

It’s not quartz. It might be glass. It is not a rock.

It’s another rock, Max.

No, look at it. Hold it up to the sun.

Mark held the object up, toward the sun. The three of us leaned in, put our heads close to look at the light bouncing through the Orb. Randall just shrugged and took off running to catch Jamie and hold her hand. Mark was rotating the object, watching the light and colors bounce around inside the Orb. Holding the object up to the sun, a beam of light shot out of the object and hit Max in the middle of his forehead.

Did you see that?

See what, Max?

The beam?

What beam?

Mark, you didn’t see the beam hit me?

No, Max, you’re losing it.

Mark tossed the Orb to Max and took off running after Randall and Jamie.

What the hell was that? How come Mark didn’t see the light beam? Why is the crystal warm? It is a crystal orb. Is it pulsing? I think it is pulsing.

Collecting rocks led Max to the Orb. The Orb taught Max the ability to view the Everwhen. The Everwhen led Max to the gift of seeing the future. Seeing the future led Max to helping his friends in the present.

Changing the present, to alter future, is not easy.

What would you do if you found an object that gave you the ability to see the future?

Max decided to help his friends despite the consequences.

Max decided to protect Jamie from the future.

Update: 12-March-2018

Something I had to share, this review is very kind.

“Ruairí Cinéad Ducantlin’s young adult urban fantasy novella, The Find: Max and the Dream Time, Book 1, is a crisp and imaginative tale about an exceptionally different coming of age. I loved following the four friends as they enjoyed their endless summer before eighth grade and reveled in their newly found adolescence. Ducantlin’s story is lyrically told, and his plot is illuminating and fresh. And the reader can’t help but wonder about that orb and Max’s dream time. The Find: Max and the Dream Time, Book 1 is most highly recommended.”

Cover art by: Laura J. Prevost Photography

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