| May 6, 2018


Warning: there’s an overwhelming amount of people in this town who believe in the principle of vigilante justice, and today that principle is to be used against my favor. So I warn you dear reader, if you are a human being with a soul that longs for true justice, or a mind that believes in second chances. Please, look away. For you just might learn that this world was invented by monsters. Or maybe, you just might see a man who holds little innocence, get exactly what he deserves.

When Brick Wilder asked me what I’d do if I knew I only had twenty-four hours to live, I never expected the answer to be: apologize to consistently unstable people, get hunted down by actual mobs formed by my own idiot brother, repeatedly prove to myself that I am my own worst hazard, and escape literal swordsmen — and yet that’s exactly what happened. Don’t believe me? I swear I’m being honest — after all, by 6:30 p.m. today, I’m set to die for telling nothing short of the honest truth.

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