The Marathon called LIFE

| May 6, 2018


Do not know how to motivate your child to keep studying and constantly seek self-development?
Do not know how to convey to children the importance of true values in life?
Do not know how to make children take their youth and life seriously?

If you have considered any of these issues at least once, this book is exactly what you need.
In fact, this is a motivational speech of a father to his son in honor of his coming of age, which emphasizes the importance of the effective use of youth and time in general.
The purpose of the book is to motivate the reader to achieve noble goals by using own talents, which, according to the author, every person has.
In terms of the context special attention is paid to considering family as the highest social and human value. To strengthen his thoughts, the author uses allegories.
The purpose of this book is to make any person able to take some ideas to be addressed to his children or other relatives and close people.
This speech is obligatory for reading by all teenagers, as well as people actively engaged in self-development and aimed at achieving success..

Take your copy of the book right now and start your race today!

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