The Prophecy: A Young Adult Romantic Fantasy (The Healer Series Book 4)

| May 7, 2018


“Young adult fans who enjoy The Mortal Instruments and/or The Vampire Diaries will love this series.” – Amazon Customer

Armed with memories of her past life and the identity of her true soul mate, Hope is bound and determined to fulfill her destiny and heal the veil…on her own terms, that is. Unfortunately, Hope’s inability to play by the rules causes a rift in the group and discord with Tie. Dark forces are at work fighting to tear them apart, while Victor, Ms. Mori, and Dr. Fairmont attempt to understand Tie’s role in saving the world.

Hope’s inability to sense the veil, Angie’s visions of loved one’s deaths, Kirby’s vulnerability, and an unwanted bond with a dangerous kami are certain to prevent her from ending the conflict once and for all. The group needs answers found in an ancient prophecy and written in a language few understand.

And they have no idea where it is…

And Amatsu’s servants are hunting them…

And the veil is failing…

“I’m a big fan of fantasy books and this honestly gave me some of the great joy I have when reading Anne McCaffrey, Terry Goodkind, and Anne Rice. I can really appreciate a fantasy novel with a perfect hint of romance.” -JMess

An excellent example of Fabulism/Magical realism, combining myths and fables from the Japanese culture, as well as touching on a few others. C.J. Anaya has an excellent writer’s voice and sets a brilliant pace…It was impossible not to get lost in the story.” -K.J. Simmill, Readers’ Favorite

This book is for anybody who loves

  • asian mythology and gods and goddesses
  • anime
  • young adult urban and dark fantasy
  • supernatural creatures and magical powers
  • epic love stories full of sword fighting, sorcery, and mythology
  • coming of age themes and romantic adventures


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