Magic Wings. The history of friendship and trust.

| May 9, 2018


Everyone knows that caterpillars dream of becoming butterflies – this is not a secret. But not every caterpillar receives wings.

What will the caterpillar Kimi do to get the treasured wings? You will learn all this after reading the story of a small caterpillar.
An unusual and instructive story about a small caterpillar Kimi and her friends.

At an early age, children are too small to conduct serious conversations about what friendship is and why it is so important. It is best to gradually and unobtrusively discuss the concept of friendship. To do this, you can often read books with a child and watch cartoons about friendship as well as characters with difficulty, ensuring friendly participation and support.

Be sure to discuss this with the child after reading!
Beautiful drawings of the book will make reading even more enjoyable and interesting.

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