Rock Star Down (The Psychic Registry)

| September 22, 2013


Rock Star Down (The Psychic Registry)

What happens when a pop-music princess turned reality-TV starlet is the prime suspect in her husband’s murder? They call in Nathan Miller, an enigmatic ex-cop gone private detective. Why Miller? Because he’s a psychic. And because he’s the best.

Join Laurel Comfort, a beautiful young investigator with the City Attorney’s office as she teams-up with Miller to catch the killer of a rock star. No secret is safe. And no heart is immune. He’ll get inside of your head… And you’ll love every moment.

Rock Star Down: A sexy tale of suspense with an uncanny edge. Book One in The Psychic Registry.

***Contains adult stuff: foul-mouthed cops, brutal crimes, lusty women, and the men that they love.

Approximately 215 pages.

From Rock Star Down:

Laurel knew the stories, although she didn’t precisely know the facts from fiction. She knew that the City Attorney always used an intermediary, usually a staff nobody and a young woman. Working with the psychic they didn’t last long. Maybe a case or two, then they were gone. There was much speculation. But nobody knew why.
“What do you know about him?” she asked.
“Used to be a cop. Being a registered psychic they put him in Internal Affairs. He didn’t like it. Left the force and hung his own shingle. He does mostly corporate stuff: security and insurance work. Some pro bono jobs, too – missing persons, cold cases – you know? His firm does major business but he’s an interrogator at heart and a real truth seeker,” Fletcher said.
“He has a reputation,” she replied.
“He’s a single guy, with money. And a psychic. They all get reputations, at least those that register. But you mean his rep with the ladies and you’re wondering if that’s why I picked you. Because you’re young and cute and single?”
“All true. But women from the office… They work with him and soon after they’re gone.”
Fletcher gave an envious laugh.
“He steals some of our most promising talent,” he said.
“They go to work for him?”
Fletcher nodded, “Or he refers them to clients.”
Laurel was intrigued.
Fletcher caught her smiling. “But don’t let the rumors fool you. Not everyone who works with him leaves City Hall. Many of us are happy plying our trade for the public good, though the material rewards may not impress the uptown crowd.”
“So how good is he?” she asked.
“Some folks would say he’s too good.” He dipped his voice so Paul could no longer hear, “He’ll get inside your head and you’ll worry that he’ll learn all your secrets. And before you know it, he will. The man has few friends. He gets lonely and goes through a slew of women. But he’ll get the job done.”
The car stopped and Paul announced, “We’re here.”
“Laurel, whatever you do, don’t fall in love with him,” Fletcher added.
“What?” she stammered.
“Good luck. And keep me posted,” he said.


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