Life is Beta: Tech Thriller and Horror Short Stories

| May 9, 2018


Your life doesn’t belong to you. 

Not when an innocuously downloaded app has the power to utterly control you, monitoring your actions, revealing the monsters around you, and even predicting your own death. 

Hayong’s virally popular internet sensations bridge science-fiction with reality in these terrifying stories. Modern day cannibals, shadowy techno cults, urban mysteries, and savage murders — this horror story collection is so real that it will leave you questioning the dark plots and motives behind the everyday people and events in your own life.

This series has earned Hayong a Horror Story Award from /nosleep, the world’s largest horror community. Now with bonus content and never before seen stories!

Once we get home, my daddy and I chop the hands and the feet off. We don’t like eating those parts, so I throw them into the fire. Then we have to cut right in the middle of each elbow, then the shoulders, take the guts and organs out of his midsection, and pull the ribs out. It’s messy work, but the stew that’s cooking smells delicious. The meat found on the back, chest area (without all the gooey organs of course!), and legs all make a wonderful pan fried meal.?

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