Get a Job. Get a Divorce. Have a Garage Sale.

| September 22, 2013


Get a Job. Get a Divorce. Have a Garage Sale.

A True Story.
On the face of it, Sophia Ambrose was just another typical middle-class American housewife, with all the trappings one would expect; a beautiful Georgian house in an upscale suburb in Michigan; a husband, Richard, who was a successful mergers and acquisitions attorney; two wonderful sons, and 3 other children from a previous marriage; and the obligatory two executive cars. Seemingly she was living the dream. But Sophia was wearing a mask, hiding a secret that none of her family, friends or colleagues knew. She was married to a sex addict.
Her world had been blown apart a few years earlier when she accidentally discovered Richard was living out an alter-ego life, using the internet to develop a series of extramarital affairs across the country, and surfing the web for online porn and ‘flirt’ sites. And now she was living this lie, lost in a limbo of absolute denial concerning the truth about her husband.
But a series of therapy sessions helped form cracks in that denial, allowing her at last to face the facts about her marriage, and led to an interesting development of certain attributes in Sophia. She became an expert in marital covert surveillance, devising all means of methods to keep tabs on her errant husband; so much so that the thrill of the chase often outweighed the crushing pain of discovering the various new lovers Richard was acquiring. In fact, without realizing it, Sophia was becoming addicted to her husband’s addiction. This led her down a dark path which culminated in a desperate fake suicide; an attempt to garner her spouse’s attention and affection.
Just when it seemed things could get no worse, an ‘atomic’ bombshell exploded. While routinely checking Richards bank and credit statement to identify which women he had been spending their money on, Sophia, to her horror, discovered that her husband, a well-respected lawyer and community man, had been embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from his local ‘little-league’ soccer team, of which he was the voluntary treasurer, to fund his hedonistic addiction. Sophia realized she and her children were terribly exposed by this situation and that life was about to change for the worse, dramatically.
What followed was an incredible spiritual journey of the soul through adversity. Sophia discovered a hitherto hidden inner strength, and with the help of friends and family was enabled to overcome her circumstances, and throw off not just her crushing issues with Richard, but long-repressed feelings that had dogged her from childhood. She awoke a wonderful and resonant spirituality within herself, and this book documents how she rose from the ashes, phoenix-like, to manifest a new life and world that has proven to be far richer and more rewarding than she could have ever hoped for…


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