From Nay to Yea: 6 Scripture Secrets to Get Exactly What You Need Without Failure.

| May 10, 2018


Do you desire to be prosperous? Do You Desire to Succeed and Obtain Favor From God? Do You Desire to be Blessed and Spiritually Refreshed? Do You Want to Know How?

This book you gives you the power – How to use prophetic prayer. Learn the secrets of a king – the way he obtained favor and wealth and left clues so that you can too!

These bible versus are so power packed that even Hollywood directors and screen writers often use them in films and television to portray significance and prestige.

Each chapter reveals a prophetic application by releasing the purpose of your life. Discover a NEW level of prayer and be heard by God when you do.

RECEIVE a new season of divine refreshing and prosperity. Fill up with the outpouring on THOUSANDS across the globe.

UNLOCK a prophetic door with the key to illumination and peace.

Heaven Grants You Access to Receive TODAY!


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