Thrift Store Treasures

| September 22, 2013


Thrift Store Treasures

Have you ever watched shows where people find rare and valuable items at garage sales and thrift shops and were able to sell them for a huge profit? While I’m going to show you how I do just that. I began picking at local thrift stores several years ago and have since turned it into one of my favorite hobbies, and one that makes quite a nice sum of cash. Now, I’m showing all of you how I go out and do it, whether at garage sales, thrift shops, or even online. Learn what I look for, and what I watch out for as well as what I sell to turn a profit!

Table Of Contents:
1. Intro
2. The Mindset
3. Before You Go/What to Bring
4. Where to Shop
5. What to Buy
a. The Item
b. Tips for Selling (specific to each item)
c. What Exactly to Look For
6. Where to Sell
7. Shipping
8. What To Do With Unsold Merchandise
9. Expanding Your Business (The business section)


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