The Mission

| May 12, 2018


The mission was a failure. The crew is dead or dying. Soon, a derelict ship will be the only remnant of this expedition, towering above the primeval landscape of a prehistoric planet. But the ship’s AI holds the seeds of a new mission in a program designed by the last surviving crew member—one that will take decades, if not centuries, to complete, and will possibly set a new course for all of humankind.

This beloved sci fi classic—which explores themes related to space travel, mind uploading, and first contact—is no less contemporary today than it was in 1972, when it won the prestigious European Science Fiction Society (Eurocon) Award. The Mission inspired a TV miniseries and a long-running comic in its native Hungary, as well as numerous editions in German, Russian, and other languages. Read by hundreds of thousands of fans from around the world, this essential sci fi classic has been unavailable in English—until now. Discover the first of several amazing tales by bestselling author Peter Zsoldos.

About the Author:
Péter Zsoldos (1930–1997) was a Hungarian science fiction author whose contemporaries include Arthur C. Clark, Ray Bradbury, and Robert Heinlein. Zsoldos published his first novel, The Viking Returns, in 1963. In this and subsequent novels, the author, in the words of linguist and reviewer Bogi Takács, writing for Locus Magazine, “changed the way entire Hungarian generations saw science fiction and fantasy.” Other works include Distant Fire (1969), Counterpoint (1973), The Departed Do Not Cast Shadows (1983), and The Last Temptation (1988).

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