Love Is What Will Make an Immortal Die: Also Includes Waiting for Godotal and Future Uncertain, Self-sedition, No Reason, Rhyme and The Mystery of the Missing Dead and Sojourn Within the Shadow Night

| May 13, 2018


“Love Is What Will Make an Immortal Die”, a novella that is the follow up to the short novel “Dawn” and the story of the man. How has he been? How will he be? How was he ever? “Waiting for Godotal”, waiting for salvation, happiness, the answer to the meaning of life. Does Godotal show this night? Well, I won’t give that away but there may be an appearance by Oscar the Grouch. “Future Uncertain, Self-sedition, No Reason, Rhyme, Trapped Within the Demise of Time”, what would you do if you were a 98 year old man thrown back in time to encounter a younger version of himself, thrust into an entirely nonsensical sequence of events? Would you consider the John Smith way? By the renowned John Smith. This is followed by a mystery, “The Mystery of the Missing Dead”. The book ends with the short story “Sojourn Within the Shadow Night”. What is the shadow of a shadow when there is no light?

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