Texas Jack

| May 13, 2018


Jack Leonard’s father, Billy, is an alcoholic.

Billy isn’t a bad guy. Friends would say he’s the life of the party; his family might refer to him as harmless. After all, he isn’t a mean drunk … he’s a happy drunk.

Unfortunately, these things tend to run in the family, and Jack is on a path to join his dad in the bottle.

Then Jack meets a girl, and what once seemed inevitable, loses its luster. Samantha fills many of the little holes in Jack’s life.

Fast-forward twenty years and his life is almost perfect. Or so it seemed. The Leonard family is going to be tested … and only time will tell if they can survive.

Texas Jack is a compelling story about family relationships, redemption, and finding harmony with loved ones. It’s about people at their best and worst, and that gray area in the middle.

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“Reading Texas Jack is a beautiful experience.” – San Francisco Book Review


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