Gamekeeper Turned Poacher

| May 19, 2018


How many of the 600+ murders in the UK last year can you recall?


Former Detective Superintendent Jeffrey Brandt believes society has become so desensitised to the affronts to decency and humanity that its slumber of indifference has made it complicit in its own fracturing.

No longer sworn to protect you, he has now turned predator. Will he succeed in shocking Britain to its very core or will DCI Stella Johnson manage to switch up the game so that Brandt, with his unique insight into police methods and protocol, won’t always stay one step ahead?

Aided by her young protege, PC McNeil, and with their personal chemistry growing as fast as their working relationship has she got what it takes to halt this killing spree?

Available now to purchase, this is the stunning debut novel from Denver Murphy. An explosive crime thriller that will shock and engross you in equal measure.

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