Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim

| May 21, 2018


“Gripping story”

“This is one of those stories that grab your attention and holds it right to the very end.” – Amazon Reviewer

In 1873, James Nugent, better known as Rocky Mountain Jim, is a hunter and trapper in Estes Park, a settlement just forming in the Colorado Territory. Scarred not only physically from a vicious grizzly bear attack, but emotionally from previous war experiences, he now lives alone in his cabin.

When strong-willed Englishwoman, Isabella Bird, visits the area, and Jim acts as her guide in a treacherous ascent up Longs Peak Mountain, an unlikely but undeniable attraction develops between them. Complicating Jim’s life further is powerful Lord Dunraven, who schemes to turn the region into his own private game preserve. Jim struggles to keep Estes Park safe from Dunraven’s greed while fighting for a commitment from Isabella.

Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim is historical fiction that recounts the compelling relationship between Jim and Isabella, told amidst a stunning, rugged landscape and a frontier just beginning to learn its potential.

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