Author interview with Kari August of ‘Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim’

Author Interview with Kari August

Based on true events, strong wills clash, but romance ensues, when a rough trapper, Mountain Jim, encounters an opinionated Englishwoman, Isabella Bird, in the rugged Colorado Territory of 1873 in the pages of ‘Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim’.



What does fate have in store for Mountain Jim and Isabella Bird in the rocky Colorado wilderness? To find out, Kari August, author of ‘Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim’ has returned to to take us back to the historical landscape of the USA in 1873. Kari, thanks for coming back to chat! It’s been just over a year since we took a little time to chat about all things writing, so what’s been going on in your life since then?

Travelling and writing.



That sounds like so much fun! I’ve love to spend hours chatting with you about both of these topics, I know that we can’t talk forever so we’ll have to focus on the writing today. And we’ll start with the start of Reaching Rocky Mountain Jim. Can you share what inspired you to write this tale?    

Reading about a true historical figure in the Colorado frontier



I can’t say I’m all that versed in all of the Colorado frontiermen but is it fair to say that Mountain Jim and the rest of the cast are all based on true historical figures?

Yes, they are actual figures in history.



Sometimes it can be a challenge to translate events from history and make them engaging and relevant for today’s reader. Did you add in dashes of your own experiences to help build the bridge from today to the past? And if so, what events did you use?

Funny times with my husband.



It’s wonderful to have a relationship, like yours with your husband where you can take little snippets to enhance your writing. And this leads me to wonder, have you ever been lucky enough to go on a literary pilgrimage with your husband?

No, but I love to travel and always write about places I have visited.



It sounds like a literary pilgrimage might be due to you then! With your keen love of travel, I’m sure you’ve already visited Colorado and imagined your fictional couple in these surrounds, so I’m keen to find out what was the most important takeaway you wanted to share with readers about these characters from the frontiers?

Appearances can be deceiving . . . one can never predict who will fall in love with whom.



Indeed you can never tell where love will fall. So, that’s what you wanted readers to learn, but what did you personally learn from taking the time to pen this novel?

How much I loved writing.



Do you feel that your love of writing has led to an improved author voice as you’ve kept writing?

Yes, if I laugh out loud while I am writing, the readers seem to relish these parts also.



And, I’m sure you’re currently working on at least one new tale with a giggle in it, so can you share what’s coming up in the pipeline for the readers anxious to pick up something new to read?

Just finished another Colorado love story and I am now working on a sequel to my Richard III series.



Another love story AND a sequel for Richard III, your fans are very lucky to have so many great reads to explore. Kari, thanks for coming back a year later to explore your new work with me today, and I hope to catch up with you well before May next year to see where your author journey has taken you!



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