Emerge: The Awakening: (Immortals of Indriell Book 1)

| May 17, 2018


Allie has always thought of herself as a loner—until she moves to a new town and finds herself caught up in a dangerous world of immortality and power she never knew existed.

Surrounded by strange new friends and even stranger circumstances, the dark void of her past casts an ominous cloud over Allie’s new life. Sparks fly between Allie and Aidan as she finds herself drawn to him and his friends in ways she can’t explain.

As Allie approaches her sixteenth birthday, a latent Immortal power awakens deep inside her. She must learn to adapt to her power before it overwhelms her. But she’s sixteen years behind her peers, and as one of the most powerful Immortals of her generation, she has precious little time to catch up.

As her first gifts begin to emerge, Allie finds her footing, but she still feels like the normal mortal girl she always thought she was.

But there is nothing normal about Allie Carmichael.
Allie’s past harbors dark secrets she can’t even fathom. Secrets that could not only change her life, but the lives of everyone around her.

The Mortal Instruments meets Red Queen in Emerge: The Awakening, the first book in a series of dark, paranormal urban fantasy tales. If you like high-stakes action, strong female leads, and the usual suspects: Vampires, Werewolves and shifters, then you’ll love the Immortals of Melissa A. Craven’s imaginative world.

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“This series is going to rock!” Amazon reviewer ?????
“OMGGGGGG….WHAT DID I JUST READ?!!??!!?” Amazon reviewer ?????
“I loved the fact that Emerge wasn’t about the usual vampires, shape shifters and werewolves but about an entirely new race of Immortals.” Amazon reviewer ?????
“10/10, would read Emerge again in a heartbeat!” Amazon reviewer ?????
“Allie’s story is complex and the author’s imagination is outstanding.” Amazon reviewer ?????
“One hellava series. And one that I hope has lots and lots of books!” Amazon reviewer ?????
“I adored every single character and the author’s writing makes them all come to life!” Amazon reviewer ?????
“Craven will take you on a journey that starts quietly with a young girl who seems a little mysterious at first, and even more so when unexpected events set you on edge by the end of the first chapter. Just when you think Allie’s journey is coming to an end…Craven shows you just how wrong you were.” Amazon reviewer ?????

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Emerge: The Awakening (Book 1)
Emerge: The Edge (Book 1.5)
Emerge: The Scholar (An Illustrated Character Journal)
Emerge: The Volunteer (An Emerge Short Story)
Emerge: The Judgment (Book 2)
Emerge: The Captive (Book 3)
Emerge: The Catalyst (Short Story available in the Emerge boxset)
Emerge: The Assignment (An Emerge novella, available in the Emerge boxset)
Emerge: The Heir (Book 4 Releasing 5/28/2018)


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