Baby Bear Loves Candy (bedtime stories for kids ages 2-6 Book 1)

| May 17, 2018


These days it can be so hard to get children to eat healthy food.

Sweet candy and calorie-laden foods can be very tempting for

children and present parents with considerable challenges.


In this highly enjoyable and inspiring rhyming bedtime story,

we learn how three-year-old Baby Bear loves candy but doesn’t

realize the harm that it can do.

Baby Bear Loves Candy provides both parents and teachers with a means to deliver information

in way that will not only entertain your young audience but also encourage

healthy eating and fitness. Children will identify with Baby Bear and his predicament,

as well as with the book’s other characters, and learn important life lessons from the story.

 Baby Bear Loves Candy is a delightful children’s story featuring

wonderful colorful illustrations to delight your children as Baby Bear

discovers the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

The book is ideal for reading to younger children at bedtime

but can also be enjoyed by older children reading the book for themselves.


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