The Complete Harder Than Diamonds Trilogy (Omnibus Edition)

| May 17, 2018


Perfect for fans of science fiction and fantasy! Matthew M. Pyke’s collection of anthologies—features more than 400 pages of eccentricities and action.

Including two prequels to The Last Days of Qenateed and the poems Star Pilot and Crossroads, the omnibus edition of Harder Than Diamonds has something for everyone.

With intricate threads throughout, the series provides an intriguing look at our world, through the veil of science fiction and fantasy. Tales ranging from elusive hunters, to madmen controlling the world aided by startling AI, the saga explores worlds both familiar and unfamiliar.

Containing shorts, to novellas, stand-alone stories—to multiple sequels—the first volume of Harder Than Diamonds, will provide a reader with many hours of enjoyment.

Contains the Complete Trilogy:
Heat, Light, Microwaves, Magic: The Obelisk
Microwaves, Magic: T2 Reset
Magic: Aleutian Sun

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