| September 23, 2013



Reviews for Wildflowers:

‘I really loved this book, couldn’t put it down.’
‘One of the best books I have read in a long time.’
‘Life affirming…’
‘Made me laugh, made me cry, read it non-stop…’
‘Whilst it deals with love and life, the writer bravely includes much grittier stuff which lifts this book from the genre…’

Frankie Valentine dreams of fame and fortune, but between her friends, disastrous love life and the brides that flock to her small flower shop, nothing goes quite as she plans.
Then out of the blue, with her wildest dream within her grasp, Frankie meets Lulubelle, who has her own secrets and a small son who is very sick. And slowly, everything changes.
Drawn into a world where each day is precious, Frankie starts to see the flaws in her own life and as it gets ever more complicated, falls for Alex, who keeps getting her wrong.
But through the happiness and sadness over a crazy year of weddings, Frankie at last realises the truth – that being rich and famous is all very well, but what counts is having someone to share it with…

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