Little Monster Mark

| May 19, 2018


Mark is a prankster and troublemaker: a real little monster. He does not appreciate his parents’ love and care and even wants them to disappear completely. But when this finally does happen, Mark wakes up with an entirely different family: a family of monsters!

Mark was a very bad child. He never did what his parents told him to do. He hated eating oatmeal for breakfast. He did not like brushing his teeth or washing his face in the morning, and he made horrible faces in the mirror…

  • Cheerful and with high-quality illustrations done by a professional illustrator, this book will make your children laugh.
  • The book has a wonderful and enlightening moral about helping your youngster manage their bad behavior.
  • Your children will love this book!
  • This book is specially designed in Amazon’s fixed-layout KF8 format with region magnification. Double-tap on an area of text to zoom and read.
  • Reviews:

    “The illustrations are amazing! ”- James W.
    “This is one of my favorite books to read to my kid”-Emily A.

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