Ferdie and the Seven: book two: Time Flies

| May 19, 2018


An enemy of devastating power and ruthlessness.

The fate of the world, and everyone in it, hanging in the balance.

What is an emotionally disturbed supernatural teenager to do?

Get ready for earth-shattering, universe-spanning twists in Time Flies, the thrilling second offering in the Ferdie and The Seven series! Ferdie and his best friend, Marshall “Marsh-dog” Nolan, uncover a secret of unimaginable importance, and face a foe of unfathomable evil…

Join Ferdie as he welcomes friends both new and old, battles overwhelming enemies, and struggles to survive long enough to save the world. And, the clock is still ticking…

Click now to get your copy of Time Flies, the dark, funny, sad, and exciting second book in the Ferdie and the Seven Teen/Young Adult urban fantasy series by Larry Buenafe.

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