Meet Me At The Crossroads

| May 19, 2018


Flirting with a pretty girl takes another turn when Jake discovers she’s a shackled spirit. Irene was raised in the voodoo faith by her Haitian grandmother, but never expected to become trapped in the same spirit world she grew up believing in. When Jake encounters her captor, he is forced into that same spirit world.

Irene’s captor, Armand, is a man who captures souls to increase his own power, but still claims to be a benevolent force. Jake learns that the girl he’s falling for is fading away because she has been trapped for too long. Armand has no plans to release Irene and intends to use her soul to capture Baron Samedi, the voodoo loa of death, and release the dead themselves. But doing so would ravage both worlds.

When several of the loa fall under the sorcerer’s control, the spirit world becomes chaotic and unsafe. And as Armand’s plan succeeds, Jake and Irene have no choice but to act when the battle being fought in the spirit world makes its way to their home.

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