Dad Jokes Gift Book

| May 22, 2018


Now, the best dad joke book is illustrated for even more fun. The ‘Dad Jokes Gift Book’ was already the funniest joke book on Amazon, and it just got even better. Are you looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift, birthday gift, holiday gift or get-well gift for Dad? Look no further. He’ll absolute love this collection of 135 hilarious jokes, riddles and puns. Other Dad joke books are proud of how bad they are. We’re proud of how good our jokes are. You will love them!!

This is the must-have joke book for everyone but is especially appropriate as a gift for fathers, stepfathers and grandfathers. Joke books make great gifts, and this one is the very best Dad jokes book that you can buy!! This book will become the most treasured book in your family library. And every time Dad reads it, he’ll think of you.

Ralph Lane is the king of comedy, and you’ll love his collection of the very best dad jokes from the past forty years. Dad Jokes Gift Book has won numerous awards including:
-Best Father’s Day Gift on
-Best Gift Basket Book for Men on
-Best Joke Books for All Ages on

The Dad Jokes Gift Book contains:
-Crazy Stuff Dad Says
-Dad Riddles
-Animal Jokes
-Food Jokes
-Halloween Jokes
-Dad Jokes Go to School
-Over 130 Illustrated Jokes

Click on the “Look Inside” button, and you’ll soon see the difference between this Dad jokes book and the others. The illustrations make all the difference. Compare the Dad Jokes Gift Book to other Dad joke books. The illustrated jokes will make this your very favorite joke book … and Dad’s favorite joke book too!!

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