Sexy Babe

| September 23, 2013


Sexy Babe

“SEXY BABE sets a blistering pace from the opening scene and doesn’t let up until the last page. Taking place over one very bad day for an aspiring actress, this saucy thriller explores the seedy side of Hollywood while producing neck-snapping twists at a dizzying rate. I can’t wait to read what James Conway comes up with next!” – Boyd Morrison, bestselling author of THE ROSWELL CONSPIRACY


Grace Taylor is an adorable young actress trying to make it in Hollywood. But she’s having a really bad day. She is dumped by her boyfriend, fired by her agent, and kicked out of her apartment – then things get really nasty…

Grace comes to the rescue of friend, Madison, a gorgeous redhead with a deadly secret. During the struggle Grace kills a man in self-defense – a dangerous man with a lot of dangerous friends – forcing Grace and Madison to run for their lives.

Pursued by the mob, wanted by the cops and the FBI, Grace and Madison find themselves in a firestorm of bullets, blood, betrayal, kidnapping and murder.

Sexy Babe is a wild and wicked thriller full of humor, unforgettable characters and nonstop action.

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