Children of Apis:Book 1:Rebel Blood

| May 20, 2018


Sometimes rebellion flows in our blood, ready to be awakened.

On July 28, 2057 a cataclysmic event occurred in the United States. Careful planning enabled a tiny percentage of the population to seek refuge underground.

Twenty-seven years later the survivors continue the rebuilding process, back on the earth’s surface, in a small community located near Bellows Falls, Vermont.

After all these years, many unanswered questions remain:
What was the event?
Was it planned and could it happen again?
Are they the only survivors on earth?

Follow Cowan, Kenji, and others as they search for answers in a society controlled by a man who rules with an iron fist.

The fires of rebellion have burned in the past only to be quenched. Rebels have sought salvation beyond the Territory’s borders with only news of their demise returning.

Is history about to be repeated?

Rebel Blood is the first book in the Children of Apis series. The book’s goal is to create a unique blend of the post-apocalyptic and dystopian genres. Hopefully, readers of all ages will enjoy the fast-paced action and become attached to the small band of survivors on their journey through the Children of Apis series.

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