Bloom! Defeat Negativity, Overcome Bad Advice, Love Yourself, and (finally) Become the Happy Person You Want to Be

| May 27, 2018


What do you need to know to be happy in the 21st century global high tech world?

Global entrepreneur and writer Case Lane’s answer might surprise you. Start with turning off the negative thoughts about the way you think your life is supposed to work.

Beyond destroying popular myths and beliefs about who you have been told to be, Lane uses ancient words and personal experience to give you stunning insights into the possibilities of your own future.

Why do people want to put you down at your most successful moments? Can women really not have it all? What drives your family’s decision to protect you by keeping you restrained?

Frank, direct, deeply personal and globally enlightening, Case takes you through the steps for reclaiming your own life by first understanding the external influences trying to adapt you to their agenda. Following your awareness of your situation, to absorbing the teachings of others, to transforming to your goals, Bloom! upends your comfortable understandings to refocus the lens of negativity and bad advice away from you.

This book will have you thinking first and foremost about how you can strive to be happy in a rapidly changing world.

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