Author interview with Case Lane of ‘Bloom! Defeat Negativity, Overcome Bad Advice, Love Yourself, and (finally) Become the Happy Person You Want to Be’

Author Interview with Case Lane

Bloom! is an inspirational and motivational personal transformation book to help people realize their true value by redirecting negative influences to serve your goals. This is about reclaiming your life and being happy in a rapidly changing world.



Do you need a hand reclaiming your life in the hustle and bustle of today’s busy world? If so, then you need to stick around while I chat with Case Lane, the author of ‘Bloom! Defeat Negativity, Overcome Bad Advice, Love Yourself, and (finally) Become the Happy Person You Want to Be’ who has returned to Case, we last spoke in April last year about your book ‘A Better Plan’, what have you been up to since then?           

Let’s see – writing, reading, traveling, building a business – I think that’s what I was doing last time also. The subjects change, but not really the focus.



Yep, that’s what we chatted about last time. It’s great to hear that you’ve managed to keep your focus maintained on the things that really matter to you. And since you’re here we know that one of the things that really matters to you is writing What progress have you made in your journey as an author since last year?           

I decided to focus a bit more on my non-fiction books. I am passionate about helping people be better prepared to live in a global, high-tech world. Part of this is encouraging those who are interested in starting businesses to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and helping people find the courage to turn the dreams into reality.


I’ve also become more interested in making sure my books get to the readers who are interested in them.



It really is important to connect readers with books that will help them, so let’s see how many connections we can make between readers and ‘Bloom’, by starting our exploration of this book at its genesis. How did you come up with the idea for ‘Bloom!’?

Many of the concepts for this book came from another non-fiction book I released last year called Life Dream. That book focused on helping people become entrepreneurs. I wrote a lot for Life Dream about how to give yourself the courage and confidence to move forward. But I realized that material could also be its own book. So I split the content, and rounded out the message of Bloom!.



Does any of the content that you split out from Life Dream include aspects from your own life?

Absolutely, all through every page of the book, I have many, many real-life examples from my life, work, travels and relationships.



As you were working your way through your own life events, your ideas and what you wanted to write, what thoughts did you keep returning to ensure that you keep yourself on target?

With Bloom!, that book is for all those people who I know who ‘bailed out’ of having a happy life. I want to reach out to those who are feeling like it’s not going to happen and show them a way to make changes.



What was the central idea around these changes that you really wanted to share with readers to help them out?

Right now, we are evolving with a global, high tech world that some people feel may be out of control. To cope, you should double down on you – and the maintenance of your own happiness.


Everyone has a right to be happy. That should be a focus of your life. Even though it may seem that the ‘system is rigged’ or everyone is against you, you can move forward if you consciously pursue the life you really want to have.



The right to being happy is a very important message. What was the area that you personally find that you learnt a lot, while you worked on sharing this message?

A lot of people need to hear the information that it’s okay to focus on yourself and be happy. Unfortunately, that message has become lost.



I agree, that it seems to be lost in our society today, but I certainly think it it is clear in your book. Another thing that is clear is your love of Aristotle. Why have you quoted Aristotle throughout Bloom!?

I wanted to show that thinking people have been contemplating the issues raised in the book for two thousand years. The ancient wisdom is applicable today and helps provide a guide for our modern discussions.



Does taking on challenges like guiding people through our modern times with the help of Aristotle keep you energised as you write? Or do you finding a little more exhausting than that?

I’m always energized. I have so many stories I want to tell. I can’t wait to get all the books created.



There’s nothing wrong with having so many stories to tell! What stories are you going to tackle first?

I’m going back to fiction next. I’m writing Book 4 in my Life Online future tech cyber thriller series which will come out in a few months. Also books 4 to 6 in the Ravencross romance thriller series. I’m excited about getting back into my fictional worlds.



How do you feel that your writing has improved as you’ve kept exploring both the fiction and non-fiction sides of writing?

The non-fiction work is really out of my comfort zone. Bloom! is direct, personal and opens up some old wounds. I think people can relate to the tough stories, as much as the inspirational and motivational words. That’s new for me.



People can definitely relate to tough stories, and I’m sure that the direct expression of yourself will help you connect, inspire and motivate readers. As the way that Bloom! connects with readers, I’m curious to find out how this book fits in your current author and self-publishing strategy. How are you currently tying your work together, and how will Bloom! fit into this?

My overall theme for all my work – fiction and non-fiction – is ‘prepare for the future.’ If you are trying to build a business related to your writing, I think it’s important to have a focus. You want to be the recognized person on a particular subject so you have to be committed to ‘organizing the message’ for all those who are interested.


But this strategy is new for me so I’m technically working on aligning my websites and social media to stay consistent.



Having a single theme is a great way to clearly tie all your work together. If readers are curious to see this theme in action, where can they see the websites and social media accounts where are you aligning your efforts right now?

The website for my non-fiction, this book, is But you can always find my fiction at You can also find me on Instagram now check out: Ready Entrepreneur.



Thanks for the directions! Readers will have lots of fun checking these out, but before then let’s see if we can sneak in a quick change of direction towards our quick-fire questions, starting with one I know you’ll love. Have you ever been on a literary pilgrimage?

No, but that sounds awesome. I do a lot of research travel because my books take place all over the world and I like to capture the accuracy and energy of the setting. I think it helps people feel more connected to the story.



It really does sound awesome, but I think your research trips are probably more than halfway there! Can you cry underwater?

Yes, and then immediately and literally lose the evidence.



It’s losing the evidence that bothers me, I like the proof that I’ve cried, otherwise it kind of feels to me that you just go worked up without the last step. From steps to trees, if money doesn’t grow on trees then why do banks have branches?

Funny I have a whole section in the book on the phrase ‘money doesn’t grow on trees.’ Banks have branches because people ‘grow’ money through bright ideas and need somewhere to store the stockpile.



*Laughs* Nice segue back to ‘Bloom!’, and thanks for reminding us again that no matter how much we want it, money doesn’t grow on trees. Case, thanks so much for chatting with me today, and I hope to see ‘Bloom!’ helping readers improve their lives very soon!



Excited to read the book we discussed today? Find it here on Amazon: ‘Bloom! Defeat Negativity, Overcome Bad Advice, Love Yourself, and (finally) Become the Happy Person You Want to Be ( ASIN: B07D34SBNR )‘.

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