After Failure

| May 23, 2018


Maybe you can’t move on until you move back. Home.

He lost it all. The dead end job. The car that barely runs. The house he hates. The wife that hates him. The kids that couldn’t care less. Even the ugly lilac bush that refuses to bloom. What do you do? Where do you go?

Home isn’t quite how he left it. There’s decorative street lamps now, to help the bums find a place to pee at night. The eclectic group of friends he left behind are somehow not restrained by straight jackets. The girls have gotten hotter. The guys have gotten dumber. His sex crazed, health nut parents somehow managed to get even wackier and all Jared wants is to find the part of himself he lost all those years ago. In his quest to find himself, and maybe some of the comic books and dolls (no, action figures) he lost along the way, he gets a lot more than he bargained for. Things will never be the same after failure.

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