Happy Singh Canadda Wale: Happy Singh from Canada

| May 24, 2018


A laugh out loud, out of the world ride of two gentlemen, to redefine humanity, love, science and most of all, happiness.
Happy Singh is a thirty something Indian Canadian, living in Canada. He has built his life exactly as he wanted, but something is missing. One day, he wins a lottery of 2 million dollars and decides to change the world for the better and bring justice for all.
From the Trans-Atlantic slave trade to violent wars and even to the METOO movement, Happy has sworn to bring justice to all branches of human society.
With a crazy scientist, Doctor Jack, Happy Singh sets on a TIME TRAVEL journey to change the world. A whirlpool of misadventures follow, with some life changing results that Happy never expected.
CAUTION-“High level of tolerance and sense of humor is expected from the readers of this book.”


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