Speculations on Postcapitalism

| May 24, 2018


Why is capitalism doomed by its own hand?

And if capitalism dies, what happens?

Indeed, when capitalism dies…

  • Will a new economy be better than what we have?
  • How will we get what we need if there are no jobs?
  • Could this lead to a world of true abundance? What would that be like?
  • Will democracy survive if capitalism dies?
  • Is there a way to stop it?
  • Could this solve climate change?
  • Is universal basic income a realistic response?
  • Will everything be okay? Will I be okay?

Everything will be okay.

In fact, everything will be better. We will enter a postcapitalist world.

Signorelli answers these questions with a mix of scholarly understanding and practical, real world experience.

Part Noam Chomsky and part Elon Musk, this book draws on intellectual traditions and inspired business perspectives to chart a course for the postcapitalist future.

Part Naomi Klein and part Peter Diamandis, this book protests the injustices of the world capitalist elites, while celebrating the amazing creative power of capitalist economics.

Part Robert Reich and part Mark Zuckerberg, this book doesn’t seek to save capitalism, but to explain why its origins and driving forces will destroy capitalism and transform the world.

Here’s what you’ll find inside this book:

  • Why capitalism is doomed by its own internal logic
  • The challenge of the transformation ahead
  • Ways that capitalism will resist the changes
  • The postcapitalist principles that will organize a new society
  • How postcapitalism enables direct democracy
  • Why states will be overpowered by postcapitalist networks
  • The incredible new opportunities in a postcapitalist world
  • How we will grow digital food
  • How postcapitalism solves climate change
  • Why universal basic income is inevitable

These essays describe the transition, the forces at work, and the inevitability of the change.

They demonstrate that it is capitalism’s own intrinsic logic—the driving force of modern civilization—that is leading the way.

And they show that the metaphors of civilization—networks, collaboration, and commonly owned property—will shape the new postcapitalist future.

It is a future many are talking about—Jacque Fresco, the Venus Project, Buckminster Fuller, Peter Joseph, the Zeitgesit Movement, Guy Alperovitz, and the Next System Project, for example.

…not to mention Paul Mason (Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future) and Nick Srnicek and Alex Williams (Inventing the Future).

If you want to know…

  • How we will experience digital abundance
  • New ideas that will shape the next 100 years
  • The new organizing principles of a postcapitalist society
  • How food, material goods, and even housing become digital
  • How long it will take and what to expect
  • The implications for careers, investment, and personal life

…then this book is for you!

Do what you need to do.

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