Race Against Madness

| May 25, 2018


A breath holding, edge of your seat thriller, Race Against Madness tracks the disturbing game a serial killer plays with his victims. But this time…one victim refuses to lose.


The game is on, the clock is ticking, and winning means the difference between life and death.


Adam Webber has been invisible for most of his life. But even as the girl of his dreams begins to notice him, both of their lives take a drastic turn for the worse as they catch the eye of a serial killer.

As lead detective on the case, Joe Gordon finds he must confront his past if he is to save another’s future. But when he catches the trail of bread crumbs Adam is leaving behind, he realizes it’s not the killer he needs to find but his latest targets.

With Joe hot on his heels, Adam must navigate the streets of Chicago and face his fears if he ever wants to see the girl of his dreams again. He has until the break of dawn to solve the riddle and save the girl.


With her signature style of fast paced action and daring suspense, along with a splash of humor and romance, Andi Neal once again delivers an electrifying thriller you won’t be able to put down.


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