Something Better

| May 25, 2018


Tom Schneider just hit an all-time low. As if his troubled childhood with an abusive father isn’t enough to cope with, now his wife moved out with his four-year-old daughter. He is left to face his deep-seated bitterness, overwhelming depression, and unconquered fears on his own.

After embarking on a surprising journey into his past, Tom is confronted with the unresolved issues that have followed him into his adult life. Each destination along the way has its own share of emotional memories and unanswered questions. A chance encounter with some improbable friends leads him to believe there might be something better in life than what he has experienced.

Although Tom finds a glimmer of hope that his broken marriage can be salvaged and his relationship to his daughter restored, is it too late to try to put back together the pieces of his broken life?

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