Big, Hot, and Hairy (The Para-Abnormal Tropemance Series)

| May 25, 2018



When stereotypically independent Miranda Doolittle agrees to help were-bear Theo Mellivore defend his grandfather’s patent, their first encounter turns into a bit of a sticky situation.

When Theo gets nervous, he starts to change into his bear form. It doesn’t help that he can’t stay calm: his family patent is under attack and his lawyer smells like honey and sex and honey-covered sex.
When Theo gets his act together and lets Miranda know he’s attracted to her, he goes a little too far. Maybe telling the highly educated lawyer-woman he wants her in his kitchen bearing him baby cubs was not the way to go.

Though the sex is as smooth as his soon-to-be-patented honey release nano technology squeeze bear bottle, Theo still hasn’t told Miranda what he really is. When she sees a bear wandering his house, she naturally screams and runs for the hills.

Can Theo convince her his bear self is as amazing and sexy as his human self? Can Miranda truly love a man who sometimes accidentally busts through doors? Can they make their love spurt like the last drop of honey from a bear-shaped squeeze bottle?

Wait! There’s more Para-Abnormal Tropemance! All the crazy, romp-tastic sex of a semi-erotic novel without taking itself too seriously. Do you need a good laugh? Do you love a crazy story? Is your life upside down and you need to read something even more upside down? Each Para-Abnormal Tropemance can be read as a stand-alone. Grab Cute, Cuddly, and Cocky and continue your sexy adventure now.


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