La Calavera

| May 25, 2018


A zany, whirlwind romp through corporate America, geek culture and guerrilla activism, LA CALAVERA is the story of a pirate radio operator who decides to get into the television business.

“You don’t mess around with your enemies,” Nixon says. “You kick ‘em in the nuts and run.” At least that’s what he says in Loney’s head.

Things aren’t going well for broadcast engineer and free speech activist Darren Loney in his crusade to liberate the public airwaves from corporate tyranny. The old RV he’s transformed into a mobile radio station is on its last legs, his fellow radio pirates can barely stand each other, plus it’s just plain hard to fight a war when the enemy doesn’t even know you exist. Time for Loney to step up his game…but how?

When the local TV station he works for is acquired by the world’s biggest media conglomerate, a key piece of technology falls into his hands, opening up a new world of possibility. With Nixon’s questionable help, Loney and his band of neophyte guerrillas declare war on the corporate giant and its egomaniacal celebrity CEO, Ashford Elswith-Murray, only to discover the harsh realities of amateur criminality: Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose…sometimes you don’t know what the @#$% just happened.

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